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Kora Kipley #1

2023 - Buffalo Grove High School 
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AIthough I have a passion for both soccer and basketball, sports that I have been playing most of my life, my goal is to play soccer in college. Ever since I first started playing park district soccer I have always chosen to play defense. For the last few seasons I have primarily played outside left back, which allows me to focus on my defensive strengths while also being an offensive threat. Although I am left-footed, I think that I play equally well with both feet. I think that some of the attributes that define my game are accurate passing, hustle, toughness, playing physical, tackling without fouling and knowing how to position myself tactically. A big part of my game is forcing offensive players away from the middle of the field and preventing them from ever getting shots off or crossing the ball. In addition to being a strong defender, I believe that my ability to place the ball in the right place on both short and long passes is critical to starting my team’s counter-attack when we take possession of the ball. Despite being a defender, I have scored several goals over the past few seasons, while also assisting on quite a few goals off of my corner kicks. I also believe that I am well prepared to succeed as a student-athlete at the next level.

During my first two years of high school I have maintained well above a 4.00 GPA while taking a course load that has included honors and AP classes. Although things can change, I currently plan on pursuing a career in physical therapy. I love being an athlete and I love the idea of being able to work with athletes all the time. I am dedicated to the sport, I believe that I have the work ethic required to succeed at the most competitive level and I am confident that I will be a meaningful contributor in college.


If you scroll down below, you can see a list of my achievements as well as several highlight videos of me playing soccer and basketball over the past several seasons.

Here are some of my individual and team soccer accomplishments over the past few years:



  • 2021 - Selected All-Conference in the Mid-Suburban League

  • 2020 - Selected to the Best XI Team, Group B of the Midwest Conference U17 Club vs. Club Division

  • 2019 – Invited to and attended the US Youth Soccer Midwest Region ID Camp

  • 2019 – Selected to the Memphis Interregional ODP Showcase All-Star Team

  • 2019 – Selected to the ODP Illinois State Team

  • 2018 – Selected to the Best XI Team, Premier 1 Division National League Midwest Conference

  • 2018 – Selected to the ODP Illinois State Team



  • 2021 Illinois State Cup Champion (Spring, U17)

  • 2020 Midwest Conference U17 Club vs. Club Champion

  • 2020 USYS National Championship Qualifier (canceled)

  • 2020 USYS Midwest Regional Qualifier (canceled)

  • 2019 - 2020 USYS National League U16 Red Division Champion

  • 2019 Illinois State Cup Champion (Fall, U16)

  • 2019 USYS Midwest Regional Qualifier

  • 2018 Illinois State Cup Champion (Fall, U15)

  • 2018 USYS National Championship Qualifier

  • 2018 USYS Midwest Regional Champion 

  • 2018 Illinois State Cup Champion (Spring, U14)

Please pass the link to this webpage along to any college soccer coaches you may know. To the extent that anyone would like to recruit me for soccer, please contact my coach at Eclipse, John Soltani, at


Some of my highlight videos playing soccer for FC 1974, and basketball for the Wolverinas and BGHS can be accessed below.


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